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Skechers Cali Memory Foam Wedge Sandal

I haven't owned a pair of good wedge sandals in years.  I am super picky about wedge sandals and most the new styles I don't care for either because of aesthetics, or comfort reasons.  Many of the current wedge offerings with thse type straps extend back towards the heel which I hate the look of, and others are just to hard of a footbed, or the shoe is very heavy.

The Skechers Cali Memory Foam wedges have a very soft footbed (made of you guessed it.. Memory Foam), they are super cushy while still being supportive.  I have high arches and finding shoes can be a challenge for me, although I have great luck with most Skechers especially those with the memory foam, because it can conform to my foot.  These wedges do have a visible arch support on the footbed.  They are a fairly low heel at about 2 inches, I normally would prefer higher, but heel height is one area I'm more willing to compromise.

Another great feature is that sandals are very lightweight so you don't feel like you are walking around with anchors on your feet. 

I've worn these almost everyday for a few weeks now, and my feet have felt great.  I did buy these in a size 7 (I'm normally a 7.5 in gym shoes, but technically measure 7.25 so I size down for sandals), which I was questioning my decision for the first couple of days having not been able to try on an 8 (I bought the last pair anywhere near my size at my local Meijer on sale and with a coupon).  My main concern was the strap over the big toe pinched a tiny bit, but not all the time and it wasn't blistering or anything.  I did try on an 8 at some point at another store and thought it could have also worked.  However after a few days wear the strap has stretched out or softened up and no longer pinches or rubs at all.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with my purchase especially since my one issue has went away.  I would have liked to get a pair with thinner straps, but Meijer didn't have any and I wanted to get a good deal.  They are normally $40 or $45 at least at Meijer and they had a 25% sandals sale as well as a MPerks coupon for 40% off women's shoes (there was a men's equivalent as well), not everyone got this coupon though, my mom and boyfriend didn't have it.  After the sale and coupons I got these for about $20 which is a great deal.  If you don't have Meijer near you or the sale is no longer going on or you didn't get the coupon, I recommend going to a Skecher's outlet store, they have buy one get one 50% off with only a few exclusions (mostly shoes under $20 are excluded).  If you don't need 2 pairs take a friend and split the cost.


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